That’s hello, in Latin. The v is pronounced like a w, which I find kinda wacky, but then again, it’s the Romans. While great at pretty much…everything (except staying alive), they were also pretty weird.

Salve, I’m Cat. I’m also pretty weird.


Yes, I’m the one hanging from the rope because I accidentally fell off the wall. (I didn’t say I was that great at rock climbing.)

Anyway, I’m a little off-topic. This is my first solo blog, and this is also the place I’m going to write and discuss all the books I love, the books I hate, as well as the entire spectrum of books in between. Plus, there’ll probably also be random pictures of places I go, things I write, and of course, my lovely dog, Marley.


That’s Marley. He would sell his soul for cuddles. Granted, so would I.

And with that, enjoy my nonsense and procrastination.

4 thoughts on “Salve

  1. Marley is ADORABLE I might just say, and also looks so sleepy and cuuuute. I wish my dog was cuddly but he literally hates it haha.😂Ahem anyway best of luck on your solo blog!! I hope you have a ton of fun and it’s so awesome that you rock climb! GOALS.


    1. Yes, Marley is cuddly, but he’ll also lick your entire face if you try to give him a hug, so I guess there are pros and cons. 😂 Thanks for the support!


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